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another coworker, on a past hack:

"There was a Ruby... abomination that someone wrote that hooked on the 'undefined method call' hook of the base Ruby object, computed the closest actual method by using Levenshtein distance, and delegated to that function instead."

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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

now there's a website:

The next solstice is Monday, June 21st, 2021. Maybe you should take a moment between now and then to list out what you're responsible for, so on Monday, you can announce that you're setting something down.

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Today I learned to my displeasure that the D language's name for what Python calls range() is iota().

Your important reminder of the day:

"The purpose of the web software industry is to extract value out of Open-Source Software (OSS). [...] Most people in the industry don’t realise that the web dev economy is primarily extractive."

just uninstalled my browser instead of force-stopping it. there go my tabs

tonight's YouTube viewing is this utter shitpost of a video, featuring a vodka bottle with Harvey Milk on the label

breathtakingly good rendition of "Rosalina's Observatory" from Super Mario Galaxy:
(featuring Emmet Cohen, Giveton Gelin, Patrick Bartley, Russell Hall, Kyle Poole)

Today I learned that the most recent listed Cannonball Run (i.e. U.S. coast-to-coast) motorcycle time was set by a motorcycle with radar/lidar-absorbing paint, driven by Calvin Cote.

A wild claim, I know; neither of the sources cited (one of them a YouTube video of a timelapse of the ride) mention the paint. However, the edit adding the claim was Username? Calvincote88. Remarkable.

what's the name for the values that appear after "case" in a switch-case? I know the value that appears after switch (or match) is called a scrutinee, and I know Rust calls the values I'm talking about "patterns", but that sounds inappropriate for languages where they have to be simple values, like C.

Emmet Cohen w/ Bruce Harris & Patrick Bartley | After You've Gone
Shows up in an anime shirt and murders it. Band is beyond belief. These guys are aliens.

"The Internet Hate Machine, usually shortened to 'the Internet', is..."

15 security questions! Awesome! I really enjoyed answering them! (Not.)

today's word of the day: zugzwang, . Wikipedia defines it as "a situation found in chess and other turn-based games wherein one player is put at a disadvantage because of their obligation to make a move; in other words, the fact that the player is compelled to move means that their position will become significantly weaker."

the real API documentation is reading the code parsing the parameters... thanks MediaWiki...

y'know discord leaking "mutual servers" and "mutual friends" is a bit of a privacy fail in my opinion

I just spooked our rabbit by walking into the room it was in

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