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Person A: there's two hard problems in computer science, naming things, cache invalidation and off-by-one errors
Person B: and scope creep!

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another coworker, on a past hack:

"There was a Ruby... abomination that someone wrote that hooked on the 'undefined method call' hook of the base Ruby object, computed the closest actual method by using Levenshtein distance, and delegated to that function instead."

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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

tech tip of the day: on xfce:
- hold alt and drag with your left mouse button to move windows
- hold alt and drag with your right mouse button to resize windows

the more I read about usenet, the more I know I would've spent all my waking hours on that. maybe it's a blessing in disguise that I missed it

oh no, my laptop screen's dead pixel got an adjacent friend

zoom call with an sm57 and scarlett. overkill? perhaps. worth it? without a doubt

"that code path probably hasn't been hit since the Pleistocene"

wait, JavaScript supports trailing commas in object literals (IE9 and up)?! neat

day 1 of drawing. fuck drawing organic objects, anything that moves, or lines that aren't straight

Mean Girls was affected by outliers; Median Girls is probably more representative of the typical clique

it's nice to absolutely People's Elbow an interview question

today's astrological pronouncement: mercury's in tardigrade
I will not be taking questions

the emoticon :/ looks awful in discord font, and I think it's a conspiracy

Got faster and better help from the 9-person svelte IRC channel than the 36k (3k online) person Discord guild. Gooooo figure.

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