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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

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If you're unfamiliar with the work of Neil Cicierega, do yourself a favor today and listen to Mouth Moods. You're worth it™

it occurs to me that we should try to get sean chiplock (voice of Revali from botw and much more) on here

cc uhhhhhh @Manik

Interesting reading: a list of all TLDs. Highlights include .richardli, .mormon, .pizza, .sakura, and .wtf

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for posterity, the paper:

Mezher, Mohammad A., and Maysam F. Abbod. "Genetic Folding MATLAB Toolbox: Solving Santa Fe Trail Problem."

If you're not specifying your algorithms with ant pheromones, you're behind the times tbh

I just woke up and checked the time one minute before my first alarm was to go off

This is the power of the ultra instinct

oh my goodness, this is excellent web design

An article, split into multiple web pages... but each web page has an embedded PDF with just that page, scrolling independently

Idea: a user script to go back to the old YouTube spinner

>install arch, reboot
>try to install some packages
>no internet
>library to connect to internet is not installed by default

who designed this stuff

local man tries to boot from a device that isn't plugged into the computer

It's a shame that "j" and "k" have their Vim meanings on here, but "h" and "l" do not (i.e. I can't use them to go left/right between columns)

"But that's undefined when the toots in adjacent columns aren't misaligned" Do something sensible like go to the overlapping toot that's closest to the top of the column, idk

shout-out to my East Coast brethren still up at bad-go-to-sleep o' clock

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