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another coworker, on a past hack:

"There was a Ruby... abomination that someone wrote that hooked on the 'undefined method call' hook of the base Ruby object, computed the closest actual method by using Levenshtein distance, and delegated to that function instead."

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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

Okay, disregard that; apparently Rhapsody in Blue is in the public domain, and other stuff too:

I was looking into some 1920s music for public domain reasons and I really can't get into it, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Orchestra hits on eighth notes got old after about half a song.

From the Internet today: "Oh, the standard trick of forgetting about the lower-left quadrant and then pretending you have an inverse relationship"

tired: fixed
wired: hotfix cherrypicked to master branch

tfw use-mention distinction while grepping through a compiler

And on the pedestal this word appears:

tiny IRC channels, although not without their issues, can be really great places for communities and meeting other people

I'm gonna go arrange another piano piece; that always improves my mood

Waiting for a book to arrive unironically adds so much to the experience

excited to work on a program whose output is in a format from the mid 70s

I've started drafting complicated logic in Rust match statements instead of truth tables

Is dynamic/static dispatch really not that imbalanced, performance-wise (icache vs indirection)? I thought dynamic was just slower most of the time

As of several hours ago, Wikipedia's article on lead sheets (as in jazz, for example) uses The Lick as an example:



Tried watching the Shirobako movie trailer on the Anime NYC stream, as it was supposed to be a live event (started 20ish minutes ago). Inexplicably, the stream was only available by downloading an app, and after that I could only view it in portrait mode (so some of the video was cut off on either side). WTF.

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