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Browsing the list of birds' common names, for some reason. Highlights:

- powerful owl
- veery
- cattle tyrant
- (family, not a name) the true tits
- noisy miner
- wallcreeper
- scaly ground roller (is this even a bird)
- bare-faced go-away-bird

(I claim the last one as spirit animal)

since when did we federate with friendica? I thought we used different protocols

More adventures in

What is this absolute spaceship of a diagram

on this episode of can't sleep because my roommate is snoring:

I started watching some speedruns to get more tired (Super Mario Odyssey) and incredibly, the snoring is cutting through the headphone sound so I can still hear it UGH

The next problem set () came out. I opened it and saw a page with one problem (didn't think of scrolling), so I remarked to someone that it looked pretty easy.

They told me to scroll, and there was a diagram so massive, tangled, and disgusting that it had an entire page to itself

And then there was an entire page of definitions, and then two more problems. This is a wild ride of a class

somehow I find it easier to learn stuff when I phrase it in terms of things I already know

For example, the amygdala is apparently the part of your brain that exposes the API for internal variables like hunger, pain, and mood - so the java.lang.reflect of your brain

landing successful!!!!

Also they kept the rocket camera on the entire time, so we could see the entire landing without disruption of the video feed

launch window for this launch is only 30 seconds

Must be hardcore as a flight controller to handle one of those

Ayy, the current SpaceX launch is going to include a landing attempt

One of the few excellent excuses for procrastinating

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The @SpaceX@twitter.com live feed is up. About 10 minutes to launch to put @NASA_TESS@twitter.com in space - youtu.be/aY-0uBIYYKk

Why is it snowing so much

It's April, come on

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I just caught my cat eating the yellow lines paint on the road. Of all the things I expected to have to tell him off for, I can say that didn't even make the top 100.

more vintage computers in lectures, iMac G3 edition

I remember using one of these actually, so not that vintage but still old

The product of about 9 hours working on the most recent category theory problem set with some other people

For people who know category theory, we were trying to give a bijection between objects in the pullback of a sink of the Eilenberg-Moore categories of two monads, and objects in the Eilenberg-Moore category of the monad composition, and our hypothesis involved a distributive law between the monads

I recently saw some art posts with the hashtag "procreate"; after some searching, I realized there's an art application with that name. It's at procreate.art/. Sure hope they figure it out and change the name before the app exits public beta, haha

@DanielG hey look another Daniel

Welcome to Mastodon!

for your consideration

youtu.be/apm7b3rhPKU ("MLG Handshake", 13 seconds)

@amsomniac how on earth did you score the vo.mit.edu domain? that's awesome

just thought of a good idea for fediverse frontends - whenever you hover over someone's username, it should pop up a little card with their bio and maybe toot count & join date, so that welcoming new users would be easier.

I will 100% do this for my (sadly still upcoming) frontend, but it would be a great feature for masto proper as well

we aren't in the right timeline

Vänskä Changes Name To Emoji – Adaptistration adaptistration.com/2015/04/01/

Today in category theory: "Oh look, I made a heart"