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Person A: there's two hard problems in computer science, naming things, cache invalidation and off-by-one errors
Person B: and scope creep!

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another coworker, on a past hack:

"There was a Ruby... abomination that someone wrote that hooked on the 'undefined method call' hook of the base Ruby object, computed the closest actual method by using Levenshtein distance, and delegated to that function instead."

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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

I joined this instance ten days after it opened (based on 5.5 years later, it's time to hit the road again. Shucks. Thank you so much to Ash and the mod team for a truly unknowable amount of work over the years.

I'm opening a new instance for people interested in wikis: (There's also; I'm friends with them and we figure the more, the merrier.)

Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone, and thanks for everything.

spun up .technology on for an off-site discussion forum for moving instances, making new ones, and finding where people are now

join links:
irc: irc://

rationale: can't use this site indefinitely

I have sad news: will be shutting down by the end of 2022. Access will be restricted no earlier than December 1.

More details here:

I encourage you to export your data and migrate to a new server as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me as their admin. This was a difficult decision. I wish I could continue, but I can't.

How long ago did you come here from Twitter?

someone's loudly playing welcome to the black parade on their phone on the bus. because of their taste in music, I'll allow it

>group of files on a server
>I also have a group of files
>I want to know if they're the same
>there's a checksum file on the server. good.
>compute local checksums - they differ????
>re-examine server filenames
>it slowly dawns on me
>the person who compiled the checksum file first made checksum files of each file, then took the checksums of those checksum files
>you know, the checksum files that include metadata such as the timestamp when the checksum was computed
life is never perfect

websites that say "MB" but it's actually MiB... *shakes fist*

"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

someone I know was watching a presentation by a geotechnical engineer, and for the last section they started it with "and now we get to the boring part". it was completely unintentional clown world

> Andres Valencia’s paintings have sold for more than $125,000. And he’s 10 years old.


> Like a precocious student unaware of his own maturity, he name-checked some of his inspirations: Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Condo, Pokémon, Picasso’s “Guernica,” Click N’ Play army action figures. WHAT
> Repo men are passively scanning and uploading the locations of every car they drive by into DRN, a surveillance database of 9 billion license plate scans accessible by private investigators.

I have been informed I misread it a second time and it's just day drinking. I should get out of the business of interpreting song lyrics.

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after like a decade I finally realize that "brush my teeth with a bottle of jack" refers to swishing a bit of it in your mouth, which works as an antibacterial and gives your mouth a dry feeling, instead of... literally running the glass bottle over her teeth or something?

japanese learning 

on this day in history I mix up 住む and 生む for the first time. probably not for the last time.

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