I checked github.com/ryanjay0/miles-deep but it's not maintaned for a while, and I couldn't make it against more recent versions of Caffe/OpenCV

I'm trying to find a deep learning classifier for porn movies for my job, and I'm having a hard time finding something already done... Does anyone know one or know a good starting point?

Most of the code is a mess, you can't make sense of anything. Perl is almost impossible to debug (when I say debug I mean "prints", that's how it works), and they don't value tests at all, they say they prefer "monitoring" over "testing" as if they were excluding options.

Perl is a almost-dead language, there's no tooling, no community.
Most of the tools on Booking were in-house tools, which were far from good.
All the Perl community you could reach getting the elevator.

And god, they are very dogmatic about it, the reason they hired the main devs of Perl itself and set them in top positions.

There is a famous presentation available online (Boring.com) where Booking tries to sell the idea of how cool is to be boring. It is not.

Not only because it's boring, but because you lack a lot of stuff that makes development easier and more robust.

Plus, Booking tech stack stopped in 2003.
Perl (really?), JQuery, and a bunch of internal softwares that look like coming from a time machine, specially when you look in any modern cloud solution available nowadays

In my case, add to it some terrible personal experiences.
Would be much better if they simply don't say anything. I know several similar cases, partners having to interrupt their careers just to follow their partners careers.

When you ask for things that wouldn't cost a penny for Booking, like using their Booking Care program to have bootcamps for helping partners who wants to change the direction of their careers (as mostly of them are from areas that can't be easily setup in another country), they simply ignore.

Even in the Booking parties, partners are not allowed to go, which is a big bummer, specially when you just arrived in the country

Sooner than later you realize the main tasks of the department are:
* Pay weekly coffee for the partners to meet
* Arrange customer service positions for them (if you refer them as an IT partner).

When Booking.com hires you abroad, one of the selling points is that they can help your partner to settle in a new country. They have a whole department for that (IT partners), which sounds good, right?

I always wonder if I should write my awful experience working for booking.com and specially their terrible partner support program and how it fucked up my family life.

Not to mention that they use Perl everywhere, a language that sucks hard in all possible ways.

Wait, I know why, because the UX was awful before the redesign.

Reddit saved from centralized social media, how did I haven't spent time over there before?

What a mess Spotify become when you delete your Facebook account used for creating your profile.

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