The wanderlust is getting very real. My wife and I want to take a trip to Japan and Korea, and I desperately want to visit Germany. But I know we won't be able to do this for a very long time, and that's making me sad :/

@danhatesnumbers We really wanted to take a trip to Japan some time late this year, or early next.

I had plans for a summer trip to various places around Germany this year too :(
German holiday involved several train related things 😄

Joint holiday next year? 🇩🇪 or 🇯🇵 🙃

@s unfortunately the most exotic place I'll be visiting in the next couple of years is likely to be Cornwall. Where in Germany we're you planning to visit?

@danhatesnumbers Key places were Bochum, Wuppertal and somewhere around Monschau for border weirdness

I really want to go to Bad Doberan too for a train thing. But that's over the other side of the country from the other bits.

But I'd probably include a big city too.

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