for a muscular hamster who finds herself the owner of a supernatural Lebanese baby... in The Twilight Zone.

I am deeply disappointed that the keybase confirmation messages are "It is proven" rather than "Quod erat demonstrandum". It's such a missed opportunity.

So, on the one hand I think smart watches are a bit silly. On the other hand, a woman in the bus was just talking to her wrist like Dick Tracy, so maybe silliness isn't so bad after all.

Loss, poem, haiku 

In memory of Spirit and Opportunity

Little sister mourns
Always luckier, but lost
Without her Spirit

and two self-centered hamsters staring at a hair brush are about to discover the true meaning of survival... in the Twilight Zone.

because an unassuming, barbaric hamster has just developed an abominable addiction to coolant... in the Twilight Zone.

for a cybernetic podiatrist will soon be re-united with a phenomenal apple crate... in the Twilight Zone.

Existentialist horror story idea 

Like Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", but in reverse. A man discovers that until 3 days ago he was a beetle, and all his experiences before that are his newly human mind reinterpreting his bug memories.

as a typical, cybernetic hamster has just developed an abominable addiction to ghost peppers... in the Twilight Zone.

yet an average, frail computer operator is about to discover the true meaning of terror... in the Twilight Zone.

Anyone know what failure mode turns fluorescent lights green? Saw this on the train last night.

My Android ROM flashing days have been behind me for a couple of years now, and this article largely echoes my reasons. Stock Android has been "good enough" for quite a while:

because a non-descript, eccentric hamster is about to join a rock and roll music worshipping cult... in the Twilight Zone.

and a non-descript, robotic scientist is about to discover that he is in fact the president... in the Twilight Zone.

RT What if single payer, but with a blockchain

No, no, hear me out. Here's the plan: We create a single payer system. Then we also create a blockchain. The blockchain does nothing, but it gets the libertarians to agree to the plan bc their eyes gaze over when they hear "blockchain"

web dev take 

i think orb spiders make beautiful webs but they don't have a monopoly on good web design. other spider species make brilliant and intricate webs too

Lazy me: My messenger bag is too heavy. The carry strap keeps breaking. I shouldn't carry all this stuff.

Engineer me: I'm glad I carry a roll of duct tape in my bag. That way I can fix my bag's carry strap when it breaks.

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