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Incredible care package arrived today from my friends at Proton.

Played around with 11ty for the first time today. I really like it.

With ThinkPrivacy closing down soon, I have relocated all my Mastodon contacts here.

Welcome new followers! I still discuss privacy a lot here so it won't be to out of the ordinary. I also don't toot that much, so it won't be annoying.

I didn't love the first round launching The Arel Agency and found my goals too broad. So Today, I relaunch as a privacy focused digital agency.

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals connect with the products and services that work for them, their needs, and their budget.

Welcome to The Arel Agency.

The Arel Agency is a new project of mine. I want to bring what I have learned in my professional and personal life to those looking for affordable digital strategy and marketing.

Check out my new site:

The purple iPhone better come preloaded with Purple Rain

Okay, you're all getting a sneak peak and helping me choose a new domain.

I am looking to do more freelance based on my skillset. But I need a domain name. Please vote below or comment your own ideas.

My wife is having a Labor Day sale on her handmade store.

30% off everything. Headbands, bows, clips, and Kawaii mouse ears!

Boosts appreciated.

My wife is having a Labor Day sale on her handmade store.

30% off everything. Headbands, bows, clips, and Kawaii mouse ears!

Boosts appreciated.

I have an irrational dislike for when people dress like a totally different era all the time. For example when people still dress like it’s the 50s, etc.

It just feels like cosplay everyday.

I shouldn’t care. I understand this. I just do okay.

DuckDuckGo released their email service to everyone today.

They promise they won't share your data with anyone except Microsoft.

Labor journalists who only care about white workers on strike aren't labor journalists.

Debian was really nice, fast, little to no issues at all (a few package issues finding older software) but I thought it was one of the better OSes I have used in a while.

That said, I went back to Arch today.

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i drive around parking lots looking for any car with more than a dozen bumper stickers on it -- doesn't matter what they say, just need to be more than twelve stickers.

then i leave a flier on their windshield saying i'll give them a ten dollar Amazon gift card if they make an account on Mastodon. I never actually provide the gift card.

this has been the single largest growth factor for new accounts the past three years.

Had a company offer to sponsor ThinkPrivacy and made me jump through hoops for a week to show them about our expenses, how we track them (one reason I moved us to Open Collective finally) and then today, when everything was set, they said they prefer projects like PrivacyTools and pulled out.

Very cool.

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