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Oh what? I am in Gizmodo today discussing the increasing tactics of cyber warfare being used by Russia against Ukraine and its allies?

I sure am.

Oh what? I am in Gizmodo today discussing the increasing tactics of cyber warfare being used by Russia against Ukraine and its allies?

I sure am.

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Can you help ThinkPrivacy?

We are currently fundraising for a new VPS provider, new website design, and to help cover current hosting other various expenses.

If you can help, go to:

Thank you!

Something was def wrong with my Fedora install, most apps wouldn’t work, freezing a lot.

Decided to do a refresh, and haven’t tried Ubuntu in a while. After seeing how much they now rely on Snap apps, I lasted all but 10 min.

Realized I’ve never actually run Debian, so it’s installing now.

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you don't hate swallowing 6 to 8 spiders per year in your sleep, you hate capitalism

It's really a bummer. I make more money than I have ever made in my life, don't spend money on anything crazy and do what I can to always keep our costs down, but thanks to inflation on every products, plus higher rent, we are more poor than ever living in San Diego.

If you like any of my writing, or ThinkPrivacy and want to help, you can donate at:

You don't have to, many of us are struggling these days.

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Privacy is not hiding nefarious activity, it's an innate right. A superb article from @danarel on why privacy matters:

Fuck the Supreme Court, fuck the Democrats, and the fuck the Republicans.

Burn it all down.

Looks like Brave Search is going to let users upvote and downvote results.

Something tells me StormFront is going to be upvoted a lot on that search engine.

Brave "calling out" DuckDuckGo for anything is hilarious. Even if they are right, Brave doesn't actually have a history of doing the right thing.

Launched my first site with Hugo today just to try something other than Jekyll.

The structure seems a little cumbersome, but maybe that's just the learning curve?

Okay music loving friends.

I need quality turntable recommendations for someone on a budget. No Victrola or Crosley please.

Privacy community be like

"This is the only product you can use if you care about privacy"

*two weeks later*

"Actually, I saw in a YouTube video that they used Google to research some code and they are not longer private enough and THIS NEW PRODUCT is the only privacy respecting product you should use"

*two weeks later*

"So, you see...."

I am ready to move ThinkPrivacy off of Jekyll, but I have not decided what to run it on yet, but also the idea of porting it all over is very daunting. It's heavily written in Liquid but Jekyll is just old and cumbersome at this point.

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I think I might need to open an only fans for all the naughty code I write.

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