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RSS never disappeared, it just became a bit forgotten about as people got sucked into proprietary platforms. I have used many different RSS apps and services and have come back to hosting my own ( but Feedly, Inoreader and Tiny Tiny RSS are all good alternatives.

It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler

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Facebook has just bought for $400m.

A website which hosts free gifs. Valued at four-hundred million dollars. And the majority of those gifs come from media created by costumers/writers/mic operators/camera techs etc. who don't see the value they create normally, let alone in hyper-inflated purchases like this.

How does this make any sense? It doesn't.

Finding a new Twitter handle for ThinkPrivacy has been a pain in the ass. Right now its ThinkPrivacyIO but I am moving off the io domain so I want a new handle.

ThinkPrivacy and Think_Privacy are used by dead organizations who still hold the handles.

With my Keybase accoun deleted, I want to point folks to my Keys and Accounts page on my website.

There's lots of products I don't list on ThinkPrivacy for a long list of various reasons (or sometimes simply because less is more).

Nothing gets me as much hate and arguments as the decision not to list Brave.

There's a massive cult of usership there that cannot take an ounce of criticism over the browser.

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If you are concerned with #zoom''s acquisition of #keybase, knowing zooms bad track of dealing with privacy, you have good reasons to do.

If you choose to delete your keybase, account and you’ve got some #stellar coins left inside that you prefer to gift away instead of deleting or knowing it will be for zooms profit, know that we do have a stellar address you can donate to.


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Consider the following:

1. #Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has clandestine supply-chain-attack capability on #Keybase, and

2. Keybase is used by a lot of people to sign their #git commits and whatnot.


3. Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has potential supply-chain-attack capability on a lot of software whose git commits are signed using keys that touch Keybase.

#ThisIsFine #InfoSec

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Riot Web/Desktop 1.6 + RiotX Android 0.19 + Riot iOS 0.11 IS HERE!!! E2E Encryption by default, Cross-signing & QR-codes for Device Verification, All New E2EE UI/UX + SO MUCH MORE making this our biggest release EVER! E2E will never be the same again 🎉🚀🍾


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For the life of me I cannot get two-finger click to work on i3 Arch

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Do they call them alpha males because they lack certain essential features, are potentially unstable, and may be seriously flawed?

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Your IP address tells websites and ad companies a lot more about you than you might realize.

My latest for the Startpage blog.

Installed Pop_OS's Pop-Shell Window Tiling on my Manjaro system and it's so awesome.

Minor bugs, which I submitted to their Git, but honestly, nothing that has stopped me from keeping it running.

Pop_OS! is great, and is now my sons OS, but I couldn't stay away from Manjaro.

I think I have a problem. lol.

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