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One of the first and most important steps when deciding to take data privacy more seriously is to create an honest threat model.

What information am I trying to protect and who are you protecting it from?

Learn more in my latest blog for Startpage.

Today was a big push to

Update some UI stuff, re-did the hardware page (added @ubuntushopbe)

I could use some help w/ making the menu mobile friendly (a hamburger).

Any recommendations for the best static site hosting? Free to really cheap suggestions welcome.

I don’t use github, and I don’t care much for gitlab, so I’d like to avoid those.

No laptop stand, but here’s my new work from home setup. Much nicer than the kitchen table. Also borrowed my raspberry pi’s keyboard and mouse.

Join me over on birdsite on April 14, 2020 at 12pm PT, 3pm ET. Along with Startpage, I will be answering questions on privacy online and IRL.

Fixed my issue where Kitty wasn't letting me use backspace in SSH.

I am really liking the Kitty terminal emulator, except for when I login to another server via SSH and I can't backspace. It just skips ahead.

Anyone seen that before?

In my latest blog for Startpage, I look at why even though privacy laws are good, we shouldn't be relying on lawmakers to protect us.

A great law today can be overturned tomorrow.

That's why we should be choosing services that act ethically because it's the right thing to do, not because they are being compelled.

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Tonight we pushed our new email section live, getting rid of the table and bringing everything to our card design.

Next, we will be evaluating each recommendation again and updating information about encryption and other offerings.

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You’ll have to determine the best instant messenger for connecting with friends, family, and coworkers for yourself. But if you need guidance, @danarel’s guide “Choosing The Right Messenger” can help you out! Check it out on the #PrivacyTools blog:

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“Protecting Your Privacy With a Virtual Machine While Using Zoom” by @dngray is live and explores all sorts of privacy flaws with the communications software businesses seem to love! Read more on the #PrivacyTools blog:

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I was on Al Jazeera Live today and spoke about how we must remain vigilant in the face of surveillance capitalists and governments that want to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to widen their dragnets.

You can watch the recording on my blog:

#surveillance #COVID19

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Our founder @danarel wrote about privacy in the home (especially with children) for the Startpage blog.

hey all, I wrote about privacy in my home for Startpage.

Having children online can seem overwhelming, but honestly we can take some simple steps to keep them safe online and ensure they aren't having their privacy rights violated.

Pushed a large update to

Added a new hardware section for Linux computers and cleaned up some inactive OS recommendations.

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@ashfurrow how does one get an emoji thing added? I noticed I can't find one for Manjaro.

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