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Yikes. A social movement technology company is holding a webinar about secure messaging and it's about WhatsApp and Telegram.

So I guess it's about how to communicate so that the state can watch you?

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ZorinOS CEO says 15.1 will have an opt-out option on data collection during the install process.

This is progress, but until it's opt-in only (opted out is the default) it's not really a good enough step.

Also, must make it easier for all users already on ZorinOS to opt-out now.

The issue is new to linux reviewers finding a way to build an audience and are distro hoping every week and since they are still learning different distros think they newest one they installed is now the best one.

It's cool as hell to hop, but don't lead people to shit OS's

It's concerning how many Linux "reviewers" are praising Zorin OS and none are mentioning the fact they collect user data without a way of opting out (and you don't even get asked to opt in!)

Don't even get me started on the fact they charge for it...

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For Mr. Robot's 408th episode, we talked about zip ties, phone restoring, location trackers, mixers, Elliot’s sloppy Python script, & the final hack. With @redshiftzero, Jason Hernandez, Harlo Holmes, @qrs @micahflee. Edits by Janus Rose. @whoismrrobot #mrrobot #fsociety

Moved from Ubuntu to Fedora earlier this year, but I am increasingly being drawn towards @system76's Pop!_OS.

Tested out in VM and it runs so well on my Lenovo.

Decisions Decisions.

Two Christians knocked on my door and we had a pleasant conversation. They then asked me to keep an open mind about God, and I offered them my book and they refused saying they won't read it because it's against God.

So much for the open mind working both ways.

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With the fall of Wire, I have been increasingly relying on for my communications.

While E2EE needs to be manually enabled, it still has a better signup process and cross platform support than most alternatives.


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Dan Arel :fedora: boosted has removed Wire from their list of recommended secure messengers:

"[W]e have trusted them in the past because Wire had built a trustworthy reputation for themselves. We now feel that Wire has lost this reputation."

Currently their only recommendation for real-time communication is Signal:

h/t @danarel

ThinkPrivacy now has a discussion forum for those new to privacy to get help and discuss and products and services out there trying to help them along the way.

Sign up if you need help, or want to help out!

I got a Raspberry Pi 4, now I want to do something fun with it. Not sure what yet.

Finally got around to getting @better for my iPhone.

Support ethical developers and their work!

What's your favorite most trusted XMPP server?

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