Fedilab/F-Droid (earnest question) 

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Pretty sure we just went up one rung on that chart towards a genocide.

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Come on guys, let's give @JPEG some better reviews to compensate for the Gabbers trying to sabotage him:


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If you are using Toot! or Mast on iOS please do consider leaving them positive reviews to counter-act trolls!

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Hey-o! Just want to say if you're enjoying our Mastodon server, our Matrix chat, or anything else we're doing @ privacytools.io, I would really appreciate it if you'd consider donating any amount towards our costs 😄

We're currently spending around $60/month on servers and other infrastructure, and we'd like to be able to pay our team more in the future! We prefer liberapay.com/privacytools.io/ but there are many other contribution methods at privacytools.io/donate/ 😅 Thanks everyone!!

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List of kiwi farm instances 

@Laurelai most of the ones I use focus on blocking neo-Nazi, and fake antifa accounts.

Coming to the realization that I may not be able to avoid Facebook any longer. I have an obligation to my publisher to try and sell as many books as possible and I know if I re-activate my account, I will have far greater reach than Twitter and Mastodon alone.

I have just loved not having Facebook for so long. I hate them so much.

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@Laurelai I block a lot more on here than I do twitter (where I mostly mute). But last I checked, on Twitter I had passed 100,000 blocks, thanks to block bots.

I am pretty sure I block more than 50% of the users of PrivacyTools' forum.

@rumblestiltskin Sadly, I do. A few years ago the doxxed me and my family and I received countless death threats against myself and my children.

the ICE attack 

re: police, meta 

police, meta 

@ben this is a great take, but wasn’t it just yesterday you were attacking people who don’t believe the police are good?

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