Oh look what I came home to find! Head to pmpress.org use the code OCTOBER to get 50% off your pre-order!

Sure enough, Fosstodon is a tech bro haven. It’s the “all lives matter” of Mastodon apparently.

Oh look, the fans of Purism are just as bad as the company itself.

LOL at Gab trying to defend themselves to me at Birdsite

According to this really dumb professor on bird site, I am the antifascist your racist grandmother warned you about.


Recently I switched from Ubuntu 19.04 to Fedora 30 and have loved it so far. Here is my contribution.

Really excited about how the new men’s league hockey jerseys I had designed for my team turned out.

Friends, why doesn't my Tilix look like this w/ the cool color/arrow look with my name and directories? Mines just plain text.

Did you know I am more than just a pretty face that cares about internet privacy? I also write books!

The second edition of my first book comes out on October 1, 2019!


It's Saturday, but here's my since I won't be around much tomorrow.

It's a rather fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.10 and I would love people's recommendations on their favorite customizations and apps.

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