Next month, my deal with NameCheap ends and ThinkPrivacy is moved to a new host.

That's all secured and paid for, but I also used my VPS with NameCheap to host my personal Nextcloud server.

Any good cost efficient suggestions or is DigitalOcean really the best bang for your buck still?

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@danarel I've used DO, Vultr, and Hetzner for about a year now.

DO: has cool project features
Vultr: more server locations
Hetzner: better pricing

I think Hetzner did bump up the prices recently, but it should still be more inexpensive.

If you want dirt cheap but surprisingly works well, there's also Contabo. Absolutely a steal and surprisingly not a scam, but I've only used it for a couple of months. Haven't done any benchmarking.

@enya @danarel Contabo is unreal for pricing. Very tempting with prices as low as $6.99/month USD.

@adamsdesk @danarel Oh for sure. I'm almost sometimes scared of telling others about it because of cheap it is.

@baslow @danarel I can vouch for Linode. They have the latest Linux releases and plenty of scripts on their marketplace.

@danarel Atlantic ( is what I currently use. Free year with 2GB ram, 50GB SSD, 1 vCPU, 3TB transfer. $8 a month after the 1st year.
I use it for single user instances of Pleroma, Nextcloud & Wallabag.
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