ThinkPrivacy has now been moved to @codeberg leaving GitHub behind. Aligning better with our core values.

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You can read some people's opinion here to learn why some people love Codeberg: and elsewhere in our boosted posts.

But of course not "everyone" loves Codeberg, and that is great, because we want for diversity and federation instead of hosting 200 million repositories. 😉


Actually, I don't understand at all your relation with #FediForge.
Will codeberg be able to federate with other forges once FediForge will get it to work ?

@jordan @danarel

Gitea, the software we are running, is working on native federation between instances using ActivityPub. Once this is implemented, you'll be able to collaborate between Gitea instances or other forges that implement this protocol.
@jordan @danarel

@jordan @codeberg For me personally, it's not using the ICE supporting Github which is owned by Microsoft, and it's not Gitlab, which refused to take a stand against hate groups using its platform. I don't support platforms that don't support human rights.

@danarel @codeberg oh this seems a little blown out of proportion especially the political climate of the past 6years. Using either GitHub or Gitlab does not bother me except for the data collection. I personally prefer Sourcehut, simple and doesn’t require an account to send patches.
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