For the past year, ThinkPrivacy has been hosted by Namecheap as part of their start-up program, but our time in that program is coming to an end.

Anyone have any good, affordable VPS recommendations?

ThinkPrivacy makes no money. We don't sell ads, no affiliate links, etc. So all money comes from my personal finances (we get random donations here and there, but not enough to sustain it).

Any recommendations are appreciated!

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@danarel DigitalOcean maybe? I've never used them but I've heard only good things from people who do. Their prices look reasonable to me. I was thinking to go for a VPS at some point and eventually didn't but I would have gone with them otherwise.

@danarel Perhaps not as affordable as Namecheap, but an excellent host with some great technology offerings. I use their Jelastic solution which allows me to run several blogs and my own mastodon instance.

If your budget stretches, I can highly recommend Infomaniak.

@freddy I put them on the list, but currently they are not accepting new projects.

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