I've done a lot of distro hopping in my life, wanted to try everything and always drawn in by the bells and whistles, but I have to say, I think my latest installation of Arch for about a year now as my daily driver has been my most stable and consistent Linux experience.

@danarel what hardware you using? I worry about rolling-distros breaking something with an upgrade, but maybe that's unfounded?

@mvp @danarel

They're pretty stable. Archlinux does actually have a testing repositories too

The issue is that a lot of software is just bug fix releases on bug fix releases, therefore is stable anyway.

The most annoying thing about "frozen" distributions is that they do have bugs too, often frozen until the next release.

@danarel hello Dan, I know you are the real person behind Today, I cannot access this excellent website of yours. Please help, thanks a bunch!

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