There is something truly surreal about watching this happen in real time with Trump declaring victory once again and declaring all votes against him as illegal.

Obviously outside the US this is nothing new, and usually the US is at the wheel of disrupting those elections.

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@danarel you don't believe the democrates have commited fraud? And why did you remove that post from yesterday with '103' in it. Was kinda wondering to what it was in reference to.

@Zonal do I believe the Dems committed fraud? No, there’s absolutely no evidence that took place. Trumps been saying for months he “knew” they’d commit fraud and once he lost went right to that line of reasoning. It’s ridiculous it’s even being discussed.

As for the the other tweet, it was sarcasm but dumbasses took it seriously. So is deleted it rather than explain to a bunch of conspiracy theorists that the two aren’t related.

@danarel there's plenty of evidence, but you the question is. Do you want to see it? And in most cases people don't.

@Zonal Forgive me, I responded not realizing you're an idiot.

@danarel Hi Dan, thank you. How very nice and mature of you. I wish a lot of happiness and wisdom upon you for the future. Have a nice day! :)

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