I have a new piece up on Hacker Noon about privacy suggestions for students going back to school with distances learning.

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@danarel like the article, though I feel like most students would find it hard swithching to LibreOffice. Firstly, students could struggle setting up a Nextcloud server, and $5 a month is a lot for someone probably not earning anything. Secondly, many schools use the Office365 or Google ecosystems, making it harder to submit documents using other tools. Otherwise great read!

@freddy So when I write, I use LibreOffice and convert everything to Word to submit. I can def say I have not run into an issue with any editor even realizing I didn't write in Word.

Yes, I think Nextcloud could be tough for some, but if you can swing it, it's worth it.

@freddy There are certainly some learning curves, yet there's already a lot of those when moving to distance learning, or even going off to college for the first time.

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