There is no drama, no behind the scenes reason, but I resigned from Privacy Tools last night so that I can focus solely on ThinkPrivacy.

Gotta go all-in or nothing at all!

@danarel Hi, Just looked at your website. I'm curious why you don't recommend XMPP on your messenger list?


@gandalf86 No ease of use, steep learning curve when it comes to encryption, which apps support it, which dont, very few if any cross platform apps.

Way too many points of failure. XMPP can be great for those who know what they are doing, but I aim to make privacy accessible to everyone.

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@danarel Ok but with applications like Pix-Art Messenger or Quicksy, people can create an XMPP account easily and they support OMEMO out of the box. That part is actually very simple IMO.

There are no user-friendly XMPP apps for iOS though so you are right about the cross-platform issue.

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