With my Keybase accoun deleted, I want to point folks to my Keys and Accounts page on my website.

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@danarel Just curious, did you encounter issues with Keybase, or is it just related to the Zoom buyout?

@JonYoder Buyout. I barely ever used it to begin with so when they sold, I just went ahead and deleted. I assume they close down soon anyway.

@danarel @JonYoder I don't mind the buyout itself, but rather the pretty clear indication in the blogs that Keybase won't be anymore.

Also just set this up myself today

@WhoNeedszZz @karan @JonYoder Yeah, I have added a link to my opengpg key on the site.

However, it's only an option for getting people my email key. I use the keys page so they can also verify my devices when chatting via Riot, or sites or social accounts are mine.

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