There's lots of products I don't list on ThinkPrivacy for a long list of various reasons (or sometimes simply because less is more).

Nothing gets me as much hate and arguments as the decision not to list Brave.

There's a massive cult of usership there that cannot take an ounce of criticism over the browser.

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@danarel Well, In opposition, the same will surely happen if you would list it. Brave is such an extreme middle at everything. Privacy Browser ~/~ Chromium Browser based. Adblocker ~/~ Alternative monetary methods. It is really, the perfect love/hate web browser.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold Very true.

But yeah, my reasoning is mainly focused on their business model, but also their CEO and one of their major funders.

I can't separate privacy from ethics. So I can't in good conscience list them.

@danarel wasn't in a middle of a brave discussion when disappeared? I still have faith in their return. The new "fork" is awesome, but still...

@ob Switching Social was just as anti-Brave as I am. I think the fork is all we get.

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