Your IP address tells websites and ad companies a lot more about you than you might realize.

My latest for the Startpage blog.

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@danarel Unfortunately lots of companys sell their users like this to ad companies. A German blogpost about this sad but real story with Blinkist as an example:

@danarel interesting article. However, you can't subscribe to the RSS feed of that blog (/blog/feed/ gives back a 403). Is that expected? Is there another way to get notified for new articles?

@vid I will have to ask them. I am only a guest blogger there so I have no insight on that part, but I am happy to email them.

@danarel ah, I thought you write regularly there. Either way, nice article :flan_cool:

IMHO, the described IP leaks are not very useful for ad companies, because nowadays most people have dynamic IP addresses and, more over, NAT.
"Raw" IPs expose a messy mixture of traffic from up to several hundreds devices which seems useless. (Unless ad companies coop with ISP and know the sequence of IP reassignments.)

Am I right?

@danarel The URL just redirects me to, I doubt that is correct?

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