Any recommendations for the best static site hosting? Free to really cheap suggestions welcome.

I don’t use github, and I don’t care much for gitlab, so I’d like to avoid those.

@danarel Probably check out NearlyFreeSpeech. They are barebones (no/very little hand holding) but also inexpensive. Data storage costs can get you though.

@danarel @sir mentioned that Sourcehut Pages are in the pipeline for (See:

It may be worth keeping in mind for when it comes out (afaik there is no planned release date as of yet).

@switchingsoftware @danarel @codeberg the problem that I have and didn't find solution (not to much time searching) is one that can be shared. I mean in a raspberry will be the static site for a collective. how to make for different people to publish and not to use privative software. Does anybody know?

@ona @switchingsoftware @danarel you could create an org with all your members on codeberg, and give all contributors write access to the org's pages repo.

There are many other possible options, of course.

@danarel not anything in particular, but this question was recently asked on

Hopefully this helps!

@freddyym ah, this is for choosing a generator. I use Jekyll already, I am just researching more hosting options.

@freddyym Neither offering I don't think. Just repos.

I am currently using Netlify. I also tried Zeit.

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