I want to make Linux more accessible to everyone, but also make the complicated and ever growing field of distros easier to understand.

That's the goal or my new project, Try Linux.


@danarel Mhm, like it, just not sure if Fedora is really intermediate. I think the community provides a lot of great help to beginners, too. But of course at the end of the day it's your site and you make the decisions ;)


@sheogorath I have actually thought about that one too. This is a fork of an old site thats no longer maintained and I have been going through to do major updates to the OSes. Revisiting their classification is on there.

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@danarel Nice, if you need help for the Fedora section, I'm in :)

Of course a little guidance would be nice, to have an idea in which direction those descriptions should go and what size :)

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