I want to make Linux more accessible to everyone, but also make the complicated and ever growing field of distros easier to understand.

That's the goal or my new project, Try Linux.

@danarel If i could suggest that you add Artix to your list. It is Arch based without Systemd and offers some live install ISO's

Great idea for a website/service.

@mgrondin Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

@danarel Great idea, great website. If you've got the resources keep it up to date. MX Linux e.g. is 19.1 actually.

@D22 Yes, my next step is to revisit each OS and check for updates. This is a fork of a defunct site so it needs some love.

@danarel The Manjaro info on your page isn't upto date. Some versions are 19.0.2 by now, others are not, it is confusing. I'd also hesitate to label it a beginner Linux. I find it a bit more challenging to install and maintain than Kubuntu or Xubuntu were when I still used them. I would not recommend it for a very first try of Linux.

@pixelsalat Strongly disagree on how easy it is to use. I will update the OS version in time. Keeping up to date on all of these OSes is very difficult.

@danarel This is super helpful. I've been looking for a way off the Ubuntu bandwagon for a bit and your website helped me find a distro that will allow me to level up to Intermediate level hopefully without stepping outside my bounds of expertise.

I also shared the link with a friend who mentioned he might try Linux and he says "cool."

@danarel Mhm, like it, just not sure if Fedora is really intermediate. I think the community provides a lot of great help to beginners, too. But of course at the end of the day it's your site and you make the decisions ;)

@sheogorath I have actually thought about that one too. This is a fork of an old site thats no longer maintained and I have been going through to do major updates to the OSes. Revisiting their classification is on there.

@danarel Nice, if you need help for the Fedora section, I'm in :)

Of course a little guidance would be nice, to have an idea in which direction those descriptions should go and what size :)

@danarel If you wanna court gamers in that "making the switch" section, you might as well mention Valve's Proton initiative, as well as the ginormous grant Epic gave to the Lutris project.

@danarel That sounds great as a Linux newbie, thanks! :)

@danarel do you think Linux is difficult for people? i think it’s not much different than switching from Android to iOS or from Windows to MacOS. Linux is perfect. I made my whole office (50 people) to switch to Linux and there were no problems.

@zisermann I think navigating the world of Linux can be hard. And different distros require certain knowledge. Someone switching from Windows to Arch is too much. Windows to Ubuntu is easy.

@danarel like the website. i wish there was anything like that about 15 years ago)

@danarel are you considering translating it into other languages as well?

@rugk I have openly said its a fork, many times, and it’s right in the about me section. I wouldn’t call that hidden. I link directly to it.

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