It took a lot longer than I wanted, but I have finally moved all of my projects off GitHub (Fuck ICE!) and moved to GitLab (far from perfect).

@danarel Do you host your own instance of Gitlab CE?

I'd rather recommend using @sir's as it is not VC funded.

@cuniculus @danarel for the record, GitLab's response to GitHub's ICE contract was to update their core values to state that they'll work with literally anyone that's willing to pay them

@sir @cuniculus

"moved to GitLab (far from perfect)."

Which means I find them far from perfect. However, ThinkPrivacy can't currently afford to self-host and many of the other options don't support Pages, or some of the other deployment hosting options out there which we currently need.

@danarel @cuniculus seems to me like a (valid) case of "no one ever got fired for choosing Oracle"

@sir @cuniculus Ideally, when the money is there, we can just spin up a DigitalOcean droplet and host it there. We're not far off, but I pay for everything out of pocket and don't want to pay for something I can't maintain longterm.

@danarel @sir DigitalOcean is pretty expensive option for applications that hog a ton of RAM, though.

@cuniculus @danarel GitLab is probably the single most resource intensive open source code forge available today

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