While I agree with all that and it's a good write up, the single biggest problem that privacy conscious users face when choosing a messaging service is getting other people to use the same messenger as them in order to message. I've got quite a lot of people using Signal now, but there are many others who simply won't use it and choose to stick with WhatsApp / Facebook messenger

@Rastal It's honestly the most annoying part of the entire process.

@danarel Thanks for the helpful article. I'm in the process of convincing my friends to stop communicating on messenger.

@danarel this was helpful, thank you. Where I'm from, it's ALL WhatsApp and I'm a bit hesitant to get rid of it because of the professional and personal conveniences. :/ Not sure what to do, really.

@staleness I'd recommend just using it w/ caution. Be careful what you share, etc.

@danarel I intend on deleting it altogether - I just need a solid plan for my clients and prospective work opportunities to reach me.

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