Moved from Ubuntu to Fedora earlier this year, but I am increasingly being drawn towards @system76's Pop!_OS.

Tested out in VM and it runs so well on my Lenovo.

Decisions Decisions.

@danarel try also debian. they run vanilla gnome like fedora but somehow it runs much better on my computer. they have the non-free testing version which is all good and up to date and can be tried without installing. i wrote about my experience here if you're interested

@markosaric I happened to just read this recently! It came across my feed.

I will spin up a Debian VM again, it's been a while. Top of your head, what kernel and gnome does it run?

I have loved Fedora, but 31 seems to have some annoying issues making me regret updating.

@danarel i'm on gnome 3.34.1 and if i put uname -r in the terminal i get 5.2.0-3-amd64. does that make sense? (sorry i'm a newbie about terninal stuff so had to search to find out how to see the kernel)

@markosaric yup! it's using a more up to date Gnome and slightly behind (but likely more stable) kernel.

Same Gnome as Fedora 31, but my kernel is 5.3.11

That's all good news though.

@danarel cool. yeah this is on debian testing, they also have debian unstable which is even newer stuff but from what i read a bit more for advanced users that can fix stuff if it occasionally goes bad

@danarel @markosaric what issues are you having with Fedora 31?

For a long time I was avid debian user. But running stable on desktop was how to put it, a bit out of touch with current software. It was great from stability perspective. But one had to run through the hoops if needed relatively fresh software versions.
And no, running testing or unstable is not an option if stability is a requirement.

@jb @danarel yeah if by stability you mean frequent updates there are many in debian testing. i don't update all the time but pretty much every time i try to run apt get update there's something new

@markosaric @danarel
Well, fedora has rather frequent updates. But in case of debian you have to keep track what is going on. Perhaps follow dev email list, so that you do not break system upon update.

@jb 31 keeps maxing out my CPU and hanging up for 20-30 seconds at a time. I thought it was a firefox plugin at first, but i monitored htop for a while and it's a gnome process hitting 96% or higher. Happens when I change windows, run a command, etc etc.

@danarel try disabling gnome-shell extensions. I actually have extensions functionality disabled in gnome tweak tool.

@markosaric Switching from Apple, did you also have a look into @elementary by the way? Might be interesting too... 😉

@z428 @elementary @danarel yeah i did. that's another interesting choice for those moving from mac. in my post i just focused on one in order to make less confusion as i myself was quiet overwhelmed with all the choice in the linux world. get them in at the door first and then they can explore further if they want to...

@markosaric @z428 @elementary I am a huge fan of the site

A great list of distros, their ease of use and basic information about them.

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