Finally got around to getting @better for my iPhone.

Support ethical developers and their work!

@danarel Thanks for mentioning @better - I didn’t know of it! I had been using Purify, but it hasn’t been updated in a year.

@danarel @better probably too late. Apple (as usually), has started to restrict access to Safari, and thus the ability for blockers to work effectively. Here's one victim: - Same thing Google has been planning for Chrome: Implement an ad-blocker that suits it's own needs while restricting competition.

Apple is a for-profit company, and with declining performance, they will look for other ways, to cash-in on their user base.

@franz @better This applies to MacOS, yes. I don't use Safari on MacOS, and only even use Mac at work.

I know Apple is a for-profit company, but their Mobile OS is still more secure than Android and I have not yet tried an alternative android that meets the functionality and stability of iOS for now.

@danarel @better you've got a point there. iOS is arguably more secure than Android but also a lot more restrictive. Though this sometimes works out favourably.

@franz I also think Apple, at least right now, as an incentive to honor our privacy because it's their leg up against Google. They aren't SUPER into privacy, but def do more because they know they can hold that over Google's head.

If they stop promoting privacy at all, we should take notice immediately. Right now, it's a good selling point for them and we can do our best to monitor them.

@danarel I think we shouldn't fool ourselves, with the level of privacy Apple provides to the individual users.

Sure, Apple is not in the ad business, but they are so far up some people's ***, that it's hard to imagine, this wouldn't change (if it hasn't already).

MacOS is deeply integrated with their proprietary cloud, and so is the iPhone, iWatch, ... We give them our data, location, likes and dislikes - most importantly, share stats about our health.

It's insane.

@danarel not to mention, that most i-products automatically route every conversation you have, trough Apple infrastructure. Most people don't even realise they are not sending SMS anymore, but iMessages instead.

This is a very seamless (almost brilliant) experience but also incredibility frightening to me.

@danarel @better write a review in a few months! I'd like to see what your thoughts are.

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