ThinkPrivacy is back up and running with some new recommendations from our friends at @1Password @Authy @disconnectme and others.

Our goal is to offer easy, out of the box privacy solutions to the everyday user.

A new site is coming, but for now

@danarel maybe the "use instead of Authy" should be removed if Authy is the editor's choice?


A bit concerned about 1password from a privacy perspective. (Also LastPass seems an odd recommendation)

I haven't done any research on Authy. I have never come across disconnect, though it seems good (from a brief look at it).

Will be interesting to see were this site goes (what with all the changes happening).

ThinkPrivacy becomes a member of privacytools:
So, new ThinkPrivacy's recommendation is not for privacy advocates but for people who don't know about digital privacy.

@iolite @danarel
I am aware of their joining with PTio, your explanation does help a lot. I think getting people into privacy is a great thing. The only reason why I was concerned was
1. the privacy aspects of 1Password
2. The first thing that comes to mind when you mention 1Password is affiliates.


@freddyym @iolite Proton has an affiliate program, almost every VPN (except mullvad) does. FastMail does, etc. it doesn’t mean you have to use them.

1password has strong encryption and is a paid service. It would be against their own interests to harvest data. They have a long history of privacy advocacy. Also they come recommended by Aral Balkan, a renowned privacy advocate.

@danarel @iolite I have nothing against affiliates, I have even used them myself. My point was that I didn't want thinkprivacy to become a shill site (this is obviously not the case).

I still don't truly trust 1password (though I don't really trust any company truly (except maybe tor)).

Anyway good luck in the future and hope the book goes well!

@freddyym @iolite They are a business like all others. But they do have a history of doing the right thing and offer one of the easiest to use products out there.

There is a reason that I do still recommended Bitwarden over them. Yet still, their reputation and trustworthyness in the general public is why I included them.

@danarel Hey Dan, great work! Would love for you to check out Mojeek if you have the chance, and even consider adding us to the list of privacy search engine alternatives. We were actually the first no tracking search engine all the way back in 2004 and have been dedicated to privacy ever since.
Also unlike metasearch engines like DuckDuckGo (who mainly uses Bing results), Mojeek is an independent crawler based search engine with its own algorithm and index of web pages. Thanks!

@danarel Excellent! Thanks for such a speedy response as well. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch whenever! And here's our about page for more info: 😀

@danarel Fantastic news! Thanks so much for including us. Keep up the good work 😀

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