Been really MIA as I have spent the last two weeks across the country dealing with a private family matter, but I am finally returning home today with a determination to get back to some form of normal life after a very long and bizarre summer.

Since May 1, I have spent only 3 days in my actual home due to flooding, and then a family emergency that took me and my wife/kids 3000 miles away.

I am ready for my own bed.

That said, this summer has taken a huge financial toll on my family and I and I am asking that anyone who can spare a dollar to help us out. My PayPal is: or you can Venmo: (at)danarel

Any support is appreciated. Thank you.

@danarel Dan, can you remind me in 3 days? That's when I get my paycheck. I can't toss much your way but it's something. Have you considered a store for - I could definitely go for a t-shirt or a mug with that logo! Wish your book was coming out sooner, I'd buy a copy for the library.

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