I started to helps antifascists and activists better communicate and protect themselves online.

It grew to help everyone do the same. Activists, I am always here to help you choose and set up apps and secure communication strategies.

Privacy is a human right.


Some suggestions that may be useful?:

Maybe suggest icecat or palemoon in web browsers?
Signal depends on Google services (last time I checked, maybe that changed)
Maybe add Replicant and Ubuntu touch?
Selfhosted wordpress shouldn’t be bad, maybe specify that.

Thank you for your work?

@danarel Good to see you don't recommend Brave in the browser section. I see a lot of people suggesting it as a privacy-friendly browser while ignoring who owns it and what else they own/are known for.

@CondensedBrain yup. It’s also just malware in my opinion. It’s an app that replaces ads with their own ads to sell their crypto. They also run an ad agency that you can buy ads through. So really, it blocks others ads so you have to see theirs. I’ve been trying to get it removed from @privacytools as well but no luck yet.

@danarel A good attempt, but I'd prefer if it first established its assesment criteria for each category, perhaps explained the reasons for each criterion, then proceeded to assessments.

@danarel Not trying to second-guess your picks, but this is the first time I've seen FastMail mentioned in a privacy-context. It's a great email service provider, but what are its privacy chops? Also, am I paranoid for being sceptical of providers based in Australia?

@canteen their location sucks, but they offer very strong encryption and have stood against the AUS laws trying to force back doors.

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