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Oh, and Mast is now free for a limited time. 👀

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Facebookers and Tweeters. It's time to start using .

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The web browser Brave is marketed as a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative, but that's pretty disingenuous.

Brave exists not to protect privacy, but to make money from selling ads.

Brave is a commercial company funded by venture capital. Its business model is selling advertising and cryptocurrency investment.

One of Brave's owners is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. Thiel is also the head of Palantir (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir) and on the board of Facebook.

I do not recommend using Brave.


While I work on a new ThinkPrivacy site, I changed to a single page design for now to be the solution to what I think pages like PrivacyTools got wrong when nesting too many of their pages.


I hope this is even easier for people to access.

Upgrade to 19.04 went perfectly. One of the first times an Ubuntu upgrade worked without any fuss.

But, I didn't leave 3rd party PPAs on, and now I need to reactive them all. Any tips of doing this easily?

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Did you know I am more than just a pretty face that cares about internet privacy? I also write books!

The second edition of my first book comes out on October 1, 2019!


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Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

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I started using ProtonMail recently, and I notice that Gmail puts a big warning for emails originating from there. This is really insidious because it's teaching the users that any email that doesn't come from a Google approved source is sketchy.

Jordan Peterson fans have apparently found their way to Mastodon... That sucks. Thankfully, I have decided, unlike on bird site, I am going to be amazingly fast with the block button.

This is my happy place.

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Any podcasts about Linux (or Open Source) that you recommend? I love to learn and sometimes it's fun to be afk.

#linux #podcasts #opensource

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While some Linux distros are arguably the most secure you can run, there are plenty of ways to help make your Windows or Mac OS installation more privacy friendly. Check out some of the guides here:


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RT @RiotChat@twitter.com: THIS IS IT!! Riot/Web is OUT OF BETA!!! Brand new design, new login, new settings, new room list, encryption key backup & emoji-powered device verification 🍌🐧🔑🤖🙂🚂🙂 check it out now at riot.im/app and read all the glorious details at medium.com/@RiotChat/the-big-1

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RiotChat/status/10

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