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Want to order Girl Scout cookies online? My daughter is selling them for the first time (this is her first year) pick at least 4 boxes and you can have them shipped to you!


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the gender neutral version of "wife ... life" should be "spouse ... house"

Listen. The IT Director at my job just sent out an email asking if we use "something called Apache for anything"

Send help.

ThinkPrivacy has now been moved to @codeberg leaving GitHub behind. Aligning better with our core values.


Earlier this year I was nominated for 4 International Labor Communications Association awards.

I took home:

First place: Best Electronic Publication

Second place: Best Electronic Publication

Honorable Mention: Best Website

Honorable Mention: COVID-19 Multimedia Campaign.

In total, our dept took home 12 total awards out of 16, 4 of them being first place.

6 and 10 year old got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine tonight. Both couldn’t wait and told the nurse they were excited.

Not enough discussion on here today about how fantastic Red (Taylor’s Version) is.

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Signal is introducing a new spam reduction feature but it will be closed-source.

The reasoning behind keep the source private makes sense, but what are people's thoughts on this?


I got my third Covid shot, are we still making 5G jokes?

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Apparently Truth Social is having some legal issues regarding violating the AGPL. This isn't super surprising considering they seem to have lifted the #Mastodon source code wholesale and given no attribution.


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All national anthems are, by definition, country music.

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So now, opening Developer Tools and peeking at the HTML code is "hacking":

> “The state is committed to bringing to justice anyone who hacked our systems or anyone who aided them to do so,” Parson continued. “A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to information or content. This individual did not have permission to do what they did. They had no authorization to convert or decode, so this was clearly a hack.”

We need to take that term back for the community.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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ThinkPrivacy went for a short while as a closed source site while some backend things were taken care of, hosting was secured, and the direction of the site was determined.

Today we are excited to announce we are back on Github and back to being an open source project once again!


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