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privacytools.io has removed Wire from their list of recommended secure messengers:

"[W]e have trusted them in the past because Wire had built a trustworthy reputation for themselves. We now feel that Wire has lost this reputation."


Currently their only recommendation for real-time communication is Signal: privacytools.io/software/real-

h/t @danarel

ThinkPrivacy now has a discussion forum for those new to privacy to get help and discuss and products and services out there trying to help them along the way.


Sign up if you need help, or want to help out!

I got a Raspberry Pi 4, now I want to do something fun with it. Not sure what yet.

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Finally got around to getting @better for my iPhone.

Support ethical developers and their work!

What's your favorite most trusted XMPP server?

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I'm blocking ost.social because they are a gab friendly instance.

You probably should to.

Maaaaybe don't email me about your "privacy respecting" product that I should list on my site and then have my privacy add-ons light up because of the number of trackers on your site...

ThinkPrivacy is back up and running with some new recommendations from our friends at @1Password @Authy @disconnectme and others.

Our goal is to offer easy, out of the box privacy solutions to the everyday user.

A new site is coming, but for now


I will be speaking at this year's Howard Zinn Book Fair in SF on Parenting in the Resistance.

You can get more information here:


You can buy Parenting without God directly from my publisher as well.

They also sell other amazing books and merch you can order at the same time!


Today is the day! I have a new book out and I think you should buy it!


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My book, Parenting without God, second edition comes out Friday!

You can grab it here: amzn.to/34hyQdo

or anywhere books are sold!

My book, Parenting without God, second edition comes out Friday!

You can grab it here: amzn.to/34hyQdo

or anywhere books are sold!

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Never had an OS take all night (overnight) to upgrade like Fedora 30 to 31 did, but I woke up and it was done and working without issue, so I can't complain too much. I rarely had an Ubuntu upgrade actually work. Usually ended up crashing at some point and me needing to start over.

Finally done with my projects and upgrading to Fedora 31!!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: ThinkPrivacy is joining the @privacytoolsIO team! We will continue to bring you the best in privacy related software & services, now in partnership with one of the world's most respected privacy sites.

Read more about this partnership here:


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