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Tankies?? You mean Thomas the Tank Engine fans??

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Thread 🧵 of 501(c)(3) public charities you can support instead of the FSF, if you care about its mission:

Gnome 40 will take some getting used to, but I love the look and feel of it.

Getting my second vaccine dose in about an hour

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Ah, Gnome-Shell still says 3.8 so I don't think all aspects of Gnome are updated on Arch yet.

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My install of Arch says it's updated to Gnome 40 now, but it looks 100% like 3.8. Is that settings, or do I need to do something to get the 40 default look?

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Alright, we finally finished our project to move our blog off the homepage and into it's own menu item. This means that the landing page of ThinkPrivacy is now just our recommendations.


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I just signed the open letter calling for the entire Free Software Foundation board to step down and for Richard Stallman to be removed from all leadership positions rms-open-letter.github.io

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We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at forty.gnome.org/

Or view all the details in our release notes: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

#GNOME40 #releaseday #OpenSource

I wrote about finding my hockey teams identity and getting total buy in for The Hockey Think Tank


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Codeberg is a non-profit hosting service for FOSS projects, their source code and their development. You can follow at:

➡️ @codeberg

Codeberg's site is at codeberg.org

It's based on the free open source git project Gitea.

#Codeberg #Git #Github #Alternatives #Gitea #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SourceCode #Dev #Development #Developers #Developer #SoftwareDevelopment

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In case you missed our latest blog: @danarel sat down with the CEO of System1 to discuss their partnership with Startpage and why they felt investing in privacy was a good idea.


I talked to the CEO of System1 about their partnership with Startpage and their motivations into entering the privacy world given the company's history.

You can read the interview here:


Tomorrow I am releasing an interview with the CEO of System1. This has been a big project of mine to better understand their move into the privacy market, especially that of Startpage.

Can't wait to finish formatting it and publishing it in the morning.

Had to reverse course on the new blog temporarily. Found a bug in our best practices that needs to be addressed first.

I'll start. I am using Arch Linux. I installed it just to try it out and also see if I could even install it without the help of a graphic installer. I still use it because it's surprisingly been the most stable installation I have run and I don't want to screw that up.

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If you’re a Linux user, what is your current OS of choice?

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