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fascists can have little a punch, as a treat
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Long Beach! I will be reading and signing copies of Parenting without God at Page Against the Machine on February 8th!

More details here: facebook.com/events/2538694969

(sorry for the Facebook link!)

You can listen to me on @SouthpawPod discussing parenting and reactionary atheism. As well as discussing Marxism, anarchism, and more.


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Can we start the year over? I can already tell it’s not going well.

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New instance suspensions 

Can you no longer block instances right from Mast?

I have signed copies of Parenting Without God ready to ship (shipping included!)

Send $20 to paypal.me/danarel along with your shipping address and they will go out ASAP!

Honestly, my Patreon has gotten really sad in recent years, but if you use it and want to support my writing, activism, and even my work around data and consumer privacy, toss a dollar or two at it.

Thank you!


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#Introduction - Hi! We're ThinkPrivacy, or I am, as this account is run by @danarel

ThinkPrivacy is a website and consultancy that works with organizations and consumers to help them make better decisions regarding their privacy, for themselves, families, or their customers.

We also help privacy services grow their brand within the privacy community by offering consulting services to ensure they are enriching the privacy experience, not exploiting it.

You can now follow my project, ThinkPrivacy on Mastodon!


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I’m sure some purists will be upset about stickers being added to #Signal.

Anything that helps convince nontechnical friends and family to use Signal is a win in my book. Network effects for the win.


I just don’t see the point in getting excited over this impeachment. In the end it’s simply a footnote in the history books, changing nothing about the lives of those more at risk during his presidency.

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Wow, some very interesting new research here: tpm.fail/

Researchers published attacks that can recover encryption keys from Trusted Computing Modules (TPMs) (which isn't supposed to be possible) by timing elliptic curve signature generation. "On Intel fTPM, our key recovery succeeds after about1,300 observations and in less than two minutes."

Nearly all Windows computers store BitLocker encryption keys in TPMs.

It took a lot longer than I wanted, but I have finally moved all of my projects off GitHub (Fuck ICE!) and moved to GitLab (far from perfect).

A brand new ThinkPrivacy is now live! OMG I have been working on this for so long and I am so happy to have it up.


Hopefully I got all the bugs and or typos, but if you see one, let me know!

Twitter wants to decentralize because they see how fast Mastodon and other decentralized networks are growing and Jack wants to monetize that.

He doesn't care about a freer, more open internet, he cares about watching Mastodon grow and that he's not making money off it.

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