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A Gnome issue I have had in Ubuntu, Arch, and Fedora: When I close the laptop, or put it to sleep and then wake it up, the keyboard and trackpad do not work.

I am on a Dell Inspiron.

Spent a little time on KDE (Kubuntu) on my main driver, but today I am back on Fedora. I just like Gnome too much and I just don't like Ubuntu for any good reason other than being a snob lol.

My 10U A hockey team won our first tournament of the season! What an amazing weekend.

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Since OnlyFans will stop accepting sex workers videos in October, I would like to remind you that Comradery has committed to supporting sex workers. It is a cooperatively owned subscription platform

comradery.co/p/whofor #OnlyFans

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Here’s a good site that both talks about the problem with Apple’s new take and at least allows you to put your name behind the request for a solution. appleprivacyletter.com

My friend George did a thing and I am so beyond excited to start this tonight.

So I work for a labor union and we are hiring and someone applied whose current job is with OANN.


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I was honestly hoping to read "burned up upon reentry" today, but alas...

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Damn, I loved Black Widow. So great to see a Marvel film in the theaters again.

First time I stepped foot in a theater since December 2019.

I have been using Gnome for so long, and while I have given MATE, and Xfce a chance in the past, I don't think I have ever tried KDE and I think it's time I give it a spin.

It's called Brave Search because you have to be brave to trust a company funded by Peter Thiel is actually private.

Since I am bored, lets play around with Linux.

What is everyone's favorite desktop environment?

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you're thinking of linux's monster. linux is the programmer's name

@jonah what's the deal w/ Privacy Guides? Great design, content sort of forked from PrivacyTools. Just a new project or is it a replacement?

Any resources for how to properly deploy a Jekyll site from GitHub to a VPS server? I would like the site to push live after every Git Push.

For the life of me I cannot figure it out.

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