Making some decisions.

Go through the painful process of setting up Arch, or use Manjaro...

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Here’s what the Iowa Democratic Party should have done (and what everyone else in the business of running elections should do) to ensure that election software is as secure and reliable as possible

The Democrats can't even win an election they are the only ones running in....

I have 8 signed copies of Parenting without God in hand.

Want one? Send $15 to and include your address.

Shipping included (US only).

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TechRights is the InfoWars of privacy blogs.

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#RIP Terry Jones!

You made me laugh so many times in my life! 👍

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Do you use and enjoy Tusky for Mastodon on Android? Please go give the app a review on the Play Store—it has been review-bombed by Gab users for having a backbone and not connecting to Gab.

"i'll take a non-response as a 'yes'"

That's a statement made in bad faith and not how any serious journalism is done.

You can take my non-response as an indication that I don't respect you or your faux-tech publication.

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fascists can have little a punch, as a treat
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Long Beach! I will be reading and signing copies of Parenting without God at Page Against the Machine on February 8th!

More details here:

(sorry for the Facebook link!)

You can listen to me on @SouthpawPod discussing parenting and reactionary atheism. As well as discussing Marxism, anarchism, and more.

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Can we start the year over? I can already tell it’s not going well.

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New instance suspensions 

Can you no longer block instances right from Mast?

I have signed copies of Parenting Without God ready to ship (shipping included!)

Send $20 to along with your shipping address and they will go out ASAP!

Honestly, my Patreon has gotten really sad in recent years, but if you use it and want to support my writing, activism, and even my work around data and consumer privacy, toss a dollar or two at it.

Thank you!

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