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If you're looking for an alternative to Amazon-owned GoodReads, The StoryGraph just officially launched


A few weeks before xmas I unfollowed every news outlet online, hid all news and politics and set up just a few normal news alerts on my phone.

I work full time in the labor movement, so I get my political fill and do my part in fighting for something better, I needed to turn it off in my personal life and focus on the things that make me the most happy.

I have seriously noticed a difference in my mood already.

Me: I want Wayne Gretzky.

Mom: we have Wayne Gretzky at home.

Wayne Gretzky at home:

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I've done a lot of distro hopping in my life, wanted to try everything and always drawn in by the bells and whistles, but I have to say, I think my latest installation of Arch for about a year now as my daily driver has been my most stable and consistent Linux experience.

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We're having another fundraiser, because Free Speech apparently means any ass on the internet gets to saddle you with crippling legal debt.


Wow, wait, so the new M1 Macbook Pro only support a single external display?

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Over a decade ago, we launched Panopticlick. Today, we're rereleasing it with big updates as "Cover Your Tracks." Learn more about browser fingerprinting and tracking, no matter your level of expertise, and see how well you are protected from it. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/11/intr

Been using Kitty terminal for a while and today I am giving Hyper a try per a recommendation from my brother.

My latest for the PM Press blog. We Defeated Trump, We Didn’t Defeat Trumpism.

We may have forced Trump out of office but his ideas have overtaken the Republican Party and it will take a lot more than an election to defeat them.


We still have ICE camps to close and thousands of people to release

We still have to work towards defunding the police as a path to abolition

We still have prisons to empty

We still have a planet to save

And we still have people to house, feed, and provide medical care for

I wrote on my PM Press blog about how we will never move Joe Biden to the left and how our efforts can be better spent in our communities building mass movements.


Obviously outside the US this is nothing new, and usually the US is at the wheel of disrupting those elections.

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There is something truly surreal about watching this happen in real time with Trump declaring victory once again and declaring all votes against him as illegal.

@pzmyers hey PZ, I sent in an application for FtB but realized I am not sure anyone checks that these days or how old that link is. So I thought I'd drop you a note here.

Safety Detectives does seem to offer a lot of affiliate links, which seems against the mission of That One Privacy Site, so I don't know if I am being overly critical of this merger, or if in the end it doesn't really matter...

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Last week, Google announced its own VPN service. Trusting Google's VPN would be like trusting a VPN from the NSA. Here's why giving Google direct access to all your online activity is a terrible idea: protonvpn.com/blog/google-vpn/

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