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Not content with being beaten by Samsung last week in the Weird Smart Phone Gimmicks market, Energizer announced a 3/4 inch thick smartphone with a 18,000 mAh battery (for some reason, they haven’t disclosed the weight) and no water or shock resistance, and they’re seriously calling it… the Energizer Pop.

Rumor has it, the next models to be released will be called the Energizer Zap, Energizer Boom, and Energizer Fire.

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Wow, Slack is really branching out and slapping their new logo on everything, even health insurance scam mailers.

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Google’s also peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door

Almost as if… they’re both surveillance capitalists acting exactly as you would expect surveillance capitalists to act.

Via @laura

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Holy shit, Facebook is paying teenagers to install a root certificate on their phones so they can snoop on all of their internet traffic

Not a joke, this is actually a thing which is happening right now

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‪I wrote up some of my thoughts after the panel last night:‬


Ah yes, my computulator's app plate, where the go so I can easily poke them with the clicky triangle and then write words into their writing spaces with the letter buttons and space button on the button board.

“app button"

app button.

Is “icon” considered too advanced for today’s computer users? Is this just how Slack's developers talk about basic GUI paradigms that they disdain/misunderstand/ignore?

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My new year’s resolution is to read more books this year — a book a week, if I can. I like reading both a fiction and non-fiction book simultaneously but have had a surprisingly hard time finding fiction that keeps me interested. I just finished my 3rd Cory Doctorow book and I’m about to start 1984, but after that I’m all out of fiction to read! Any fiction suggestions that involve tech, hacking, sci-fi, oppressive regimes and resistance to them would be greatly appreciated :thinkerguns:

I wonder what company Slack is getting ready to sell to with their new logo and branding

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GoDaddy is injecting tracking JavaScript code to websites hosted on its US data center without asking.

If you want it gone you (the site owner) need to opt-out manually from your hosting console:

GitHub’s old model was basically that they gave you free repo hosting and in exchange you had to publicize your source, therefore making GitHub more valuable to other developers (& promoting open source), right?

So what’s GitHub’s new model now that they give free private repos? They give you free repo hosting and in exchange, you… what, quit using their competitors? Give MS an omniscient view of private software development? More free stuff is nice but I worry about what it says about GitHub’s priorities.

new software from the fruit company 

These new water saving urinals don’t seem like the greatest idea

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