Doctor tells website, “you should connect to Trello, that will fix you up.”

Website says, “But doctor… I *am* Trello”

fediverse drama, politics, alcohol 

augmented reality preview of a (see my previous toot for explanation)

Surface finish comparison between Repetier and Klipper firmware on the same delta printer with the same settings and 8-bit microcontroller (Klipper performs kinematic calculations on a separate Raspberry Pi instead of directly on the microcontroller). No more moire artifacts!

WTF, the Firefox app just sent me a push notification ad that I didn’t opt into (advertising Firefox itself, no less, because clearly everyone who already has Firefox needs to be told about Firefox)!

Anyone know of another decent browser with cross platform (at least desktop Linux and iOS) syncing that isn’t owned by a surveillance/advertising company? Is there even such a thing?

Not content with being beaten by Samsung last week in the Weird Smart Phone Gimmicks market, Energizer announced a 3/4 inch thick smartphone with a 18,000 mAh battery (for some reason, they haven’t disclosed the weight) and no water or shock resistance, and they’re seriously calling it… the Energizer Pop.

Rumor has it, the next models to be released will be called the Energizer Zap, Energizer Boom, and Energizer Fire.

Wow, Slack is really branching out and slapping their new logo on everything, even health insurance scam mailers.

Ah yes, my computulator's app plate, where the go so I can easily poke them with the clicky triangle and then write words into their writing spaces with the letter buttons and space button on the button board.

“app button"

app button.

Is “icon” considered too advanced for today’s computer users? Is this just how Slack's developers talk about basic GUI paradigms that they disdain/misunderstand/ignore?

I wonder what company Slack is getting ready to sell to with their new logo and branding

These new water saving urinals don’t seem like the greatest idea

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