Apple: web developers now decide the background color for Safari’s tab bar. Promise you will use it to make the tab bar blend in nicely with your site’s background

Web developers, as usual: how can we turn this into a crime against humanity

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“At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That’s why we have this new drivers license feature where you unlock your phone and then hand it to a cop”

Darth Vader invents the explosive gender reveal party after finding out he has a daughter (1977)


The Grid.

An electrical frontier. I tried to picture clusters of electricity as they moved through the power lines. What did they look like? Tanker ships, oil barrels? Were the ERCOTs, like, competent? They kept not preparing for a winter they thought they’d never see. And then, one day…

We got snowed in

What don’t people like about the new General Motors logo? It looks right at home on those newfangled I-phones all the kids are using.

uspol, virus, zombies 

What zombie movie are these people watching where the zombies wear hazmat suits and the “normal humans” go out and spread the disease in large gatherings?

…I think they got the sides backwards.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a UI disagree with itself in *three* different places on the same screen before.

I’ve been messing around with doing some of the prompts. Here’s my day 10 attempt: Fordite – layers of automotive paint scraped from paint booths and then polished (

uspol humor 

Today Four Seasons Total Landscaping, tomorrow:


It’s irresponsible for anyone to continue using the color red to represent the Republican Party when the thing they’ve shown their total devotion to is orange.

epic games 

Speaking of abusive software stores, remember when Epic bought the developer of Rocket League, a cross-platform game, made it platform exclusive to Windows + the Epic Store, and *blocked existing paying customers on other platforms from playing it* (only giving partial refunds)?

Good times.

Messing around with the themeable UI in Panic’s Nova beta by making a LCARS theme


Having a completely unusable, nonsense transcript for a video about accessibility really makes it seem like you care about accessibility.

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“All the tenets of intersectional feminism, web accessibility, and diversity and inclusion are inextricably tied up in making the web a better place, for all and by all.” —@oluoluoxenfree

If you didn’t read Olu’s article earlier in the month, read it now!

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