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If you're an interface designer, you may have read the bad news about Figma being bought by Adobe.

However, there is a free open source alternative called Penpot you might want to try. You can follow them at:

➡️ @penpot

Penpot is collaborative design and prototyping software based on open standards and platform-independent. More info at penpot.app and community.penpot.app

#PenPot #Design #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Productivity #UI #UX

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The new joinmastodon.org website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!


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Playing with Jonas' latest WIP mobile shell branch. It's honestly more fluid than my Android phone with Lineage, super impressive given the much weaker hardware ✨️

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I am ridiculously excited to announce my new role: Marketing Manager for #Thunderbird!

I'll be helping out with comms on social media (including here at Mastodon), crafting content for the website, and handling the Thunderbird newsletter.

Here's to making email better together!

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Server performance is currently degraded due to the influx of new users to the fediverse. Expect delays with federated posts, link previews, and even local interactions.

Mastodon works through a kind of “eventual consistency” and this is how it handles increased load. Thanks everyone!

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The most important thing to understand about Twitter is that they're an investment vehicle. That's their first function. It's not to serve the common good, or protect speech, it's to delivery on the needs of investors.

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RT @evan_greer@twitter.com

it's almost like decentralized open source peer to peer software projects with transparent nonprofit governance structures that can't just be bought by one dude on a whim are a good idea after all

🐦🔗: twitter.com/evan_greer/status/

A truly safe space to learn about the world without being corrupted by it. -- not possible

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Systemd is actually the name of the team that developed it, the actual service management software is properly called systemd's monster.

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making software is hard because of programming when you start out, but it turns out the programming is actually the easy part.

the hard part is the people-part.

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This seems really promising!

Japan's Nissan plans 'game changing' electric car batteries
by Yuri Kageyama


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Yes, People Are Now Trading and Investing in Water as a Commodity:

> Its advocates claim that futures water trading could better align water supply and demand in the face of growing scarcity.

Fuck this with a 🌵.

Access to basic life-sustaining necessities is a human right, not something that should be bought and sold.

This includes water, food, shelter, healthcare, time to rest, and many other things that capitalism insists on making into "products".

How is this not obvious?

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Question: how do you type accents and other diacritics on like i use to on MacOS?
Answer: userbase.kde.org/Tutorials/Com

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