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My PC runs dead slow on the latest Windows 10 release. The Windows 11 beta is much faster! Unfortunately, it’s a 7th generation Intel processor, so it probably wont get the final release.

Windows 10 and 11 to get two new monospace system fonts: Cascadia Code and Cascadia Mono to be installed by default alongside the new Windows Terminal app.

I set up one of those newfangled Bio links for myself. It’s neat-looking, but I think I prefer having my own website in the bio. But is a link-wall to my other presences on the web more useful?

I’ve had nothing bad experiences with Realtek NICs going back over a decade. The NICs will randomly stop working and require manual intervention to recover.

The perfect system preinstalled cross-platform serif and sans-serif font stacks.
Alternative title: How to get text to look great on all platforms including Linux; which doesn’t have great default fonts. Who needs webfonts anyway?

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