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The perfect system preinstalled cross-platform serif and sans-serif font stacks.
Alternative title: How to get text to look great on all platforms including Linux; which doesn’t have great default fonts. Who needs webfonts anyway?

Hm. My MacBook won’t get macOS Monterey, and my laptop won’t get Windows 11. They’re both in perfect working order, but profit-driven corporate decisions about what is a worth-wild processor will turn them into e-waste within the next few months. (I don’t need another Linux laptop at this time.)

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June is bring-your-sexuality-and-gender-identity-to-work month.


Today’s Fastly outage was a good reminder for the internet: decentralization is good, and redundancy is good. Centralization means more things stops working all at once.

Your clipboard is only as secure as your device. A review/critique of the complexity, security, and unpredictable user experience of modern feature-laden copy–paste clipboards in today’s operating systems.

Bandwidth drops from 250 to 9 Mbps during peak Netflix hours every day this week. I really wish Netflix and YouTube could preload my “watch later” queue during off-hours.

@Mojeek still keep getting HTTP 403 Forbidden errors when I try to search with Mojeek.

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