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@Mojeek still keep getting HTTP 403 Forbidden errors when I try to search with Mojeek.

I just played Tuxracer and browsed the web with Firefox on Microsoft Wayland on top of Windows Subsystem for Linux. It even got its own Start menu entry mapped from the app's .desktop file. Is this real life?

“Nutritional quality and costs of gluten-free (GF) products: a case-control study of food products on the Norwegian marked”
“GF products are normally […] characterized by a low content of fiber‚ […] have a higher carbohydrate and fat content, [and] is particularly high in saturated fatty acids.”
“[GF products are] 443% more expensive than [regular] products.”

There's little in this world that annoys me as much as pressing a help link in Windows and get redirected from proper documentation to a garbage search result.

Third-party PayTrackr extension not enough to address Coil’s monetization transparency issues.

I just experienced the weirdest computer crash. The computer just stopped responding and the colors slowly drained off screen turning it white. I can't recall seeing a failure mode like this in over a decade! Windows bugcheck/bluescreen didn't kick in and nothing got logged.

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