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@fosdem any idea when the on-demand videos will be available?

@roytang Hi, clicking anywhere on the comment form links me back to the post. I was going to ask if you had any details on the type of websites where links had gone missing? Personal sites? News sites? Programming reference sites? Any patterns?

@Edent By the by, the animations on your contact page on makes me a bit nauseous. You can turn off motion based on user preference.

Why doesn’t most video conferencing services use stereo and spatial audio? You’d hear the people on the right side of the screen on the right speaker and the people on the left on the left side. @Edent asks the real questions on his blog.

@x Hi. The CC license link at the bottom of your blog links to the wrong page. It seems like it might have been the victim of a multilingual spellchecker.

What’s Brave browser’s market share and why isn’t it showing up in the normal market share reports?

“Our European visitors are important to us. That’s why we’ve blocked you from visiting our site.”

If a fake parcel delivery-notice or postage-due phishing campaign makes it into your email or SMS inbox then REPORT IT! Reporting phishing helps protect people who can’t identify it as fake as easy as you can. Be a good netizen. Here are six places you can report phishing that can help make a difference in people’s lives:

JavaScript source maps increases code transparency and helps people send you better feedback and bug reports. Your browser’s developer tools can auto-detect them and use them to automatically “unminify” minified/obscured code. Is there any reason not to publish them?

Is your business down because of the Google outage? You know, protocols like email were designed with service outages in mind. Use an email client (not webmail) and you’ll have offline access to everything. Set-up fallback DNS NS and MX providers and you can even continue to send and receive emails in the event of a a service outage with one of your providers. Expect and plan for outages. (And as always: BACKUP data kept in your clod services, including your password manager and email!)

@Jami Any ETA on when message sync between devices will be ready?

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