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More than 10% of links on my blog now point to the Internet Archive because the original link has disappeared.
You can help prevent link rot! Put in redirects when you move pages about! Missing redirects is the most common cause of link rot. I repair these when I can locate the new URL. Better yet, don’t make any changes to your URLs! 78% of detected redirects in the last year added or removed a trailing forward-slash from URLs. ⛓️ 0% used HTTP/2 push to speed up redirection.

Firefox Send is being discontinued. I guess Mozilla doesn't want to build services around the Firefox brand anymore? 🦊

So what’s happening with the EU’s time to abolish seasonal change of time (daylight-savings time)? Is the plan still a go for 2021?

Non-ironically, here’s a long-read on dyslexia from The Guardian. Is it how we’re taught how to read and write that’s causing life-long difficulties for so many?

Review: Fedora Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 (great except minor issues with the webcam and microphone.)

Is there a law of nature that guarantees that delivery drivers always call during the one minute period of the day when you’re in an elevator/faraday-cage or the bathroom?

The difference between RDFa’s property and rel attributes, and why one sometimes acts like the other.

You can support the Mozilla Foundation every time you search by switching to Givero (search results powered by Microsoft Bing; personalized results are optional.)

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This is what happens when you use Chrome or Chromium-based browser (Brave, Edge) even though you think it is good/necessary that Mozilla exists and that its mission is important.

Switch to Firefox, save the Web.

Review of the new Firefox “Fenix” browser for Android: tons of work under the hood, almost no extensions is supported, but good UI improvements.

Any thoughts on deploying JS source maps in production? What are the reasons for not doing it?

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