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The difference between RDFa’s property and rel attributes, and why one sometimes acts like the other.

You can support the Mozilla Foundation every time you search by switching to Givero (search results powered by Microsoft Bing; personalized results are optional.)

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This is what happens when you use Chrome or Chromium-based browser (Brave, Edge) even though you think it is good/necessary that Mozilla exists and that its mission is important.

Switch to Firefox, save the Web.

Review of the new Firefox “Fenix” browser for Android: tons of work under the hood, almost no extensions is supported, but good UI improvements.

Any thoughts on deploying JS source maps in production? What are the reasons for not doing it?

Buying a new TV or monitor? Look for EU’s new QR code in 2021 to know how long it will receive software and firmware updates, spare parts availability, and support.

“Customers like you also bought … these grey sweatpants with a big fucking swastika on the leg.” WTF, Ali Express‽

Comparing AVIF vs WebP image file sizes at the same visual quality (using DSSIM). AVIF’s 85th percentile was the same as WebP’s 15th percentile!

Enable the sharp YUV option in WebP for better quality WebP images at practically no increase (often a reduction) to the file size. It costs +68 % CPU time.

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