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Comparing AVIF vs WebP image file sizes at the same visual quality (using DSSIM). AVIF’s 85th percentile was the same as WebP’s 15th percentile!

Enable the sharp YUV option in WebP for better quality WebP images at practically no increase (often a reduction) to the file size. It costs +68 % CPU time.

Any Mozillians know what happen with the client-side translation project?

Updated: Google will now auto-delete collected data after 18–36 months by default for new accounts. Existing accounts still need to manually adjust privacy settings and opt-in to having their collected data expire.

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I’m playing with the macOS 11 beta. I already miss better contrast ratio from the previous version. The increased-contrast option now has less contrast than the old default. It’s near impossible to tell the difference between a selected and a non-selected toolbar button or tab.

How to block web browser-based localhost device port-scans. (Like the ones eBay and banks perform when you visit their websites.) Firefox only.

Bing only indexes my website’s .svg, .atom, and binary files. It crawls the .html to find those but they don’t show up in search results. Any ideas what might be going on?

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Good news: Professional sports are coming back to television.

Bad news: It's just the Origami World Cup, and it's only on... paperview.

P2P apps’ connection amnesia makes them less fault-tolerant. Few apps implement peer connection detail caching.

How to make HTML native lazy image loading load images earlier (avoid empty image areas while loading).

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