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Bing only indexes my website’s .svg, .atom, and binary files. It crawls the .html to find those but they don’t show up in search results. Any ideas what might be going on?

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Good news: Professional sports are coming back to television.

Bad news: It's just the Origami World Cup, and it's only on... paperview.

P2P apps’ connection amnesia makes them less fault-tolerant. Few apps implement peer connection detail caching.

How to make HTML native lazy image loading load images earlier (avoid empty image areas while loading).

What was your favorite Windows Media Player skin?

@torgo Hi, I’m working on an article on Dark mode in Samsung Internet. Can you shed any light on what is happening to SVG colors in dark mode? This image shows the same image in day-mode, bitmap-dark, and svg-dark modes. I’ve figured out why only some colors are affected, but the modified colors baffles me completely. Source code seems to indicate that the L is inverted in HSL color space, but that operation does *not* produce anything near this result.

Google confirms Microformats are still a recommended metadata format for content
“With this announcement, Microformats are now the longest-supported metadata format that Google parses, since at least 2009!”

I bought a pack of moist towelettes. Now, I’m being stalked by ads for pregnancy photoshoots. I guess I’m having a baby now and not a temporary need for some gentler shitwipes.

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New Unicode 13-compatible font lets you use the new 🅭Creative Commons license symbols today on your PC and website.
Font license: 🅮 public domain.

@Jami hi, the stable repo for :fedora: Fedora serves nightly builds instead of stable release builds.

Are full-size keyboards too wide for you? Here's how to determine what keyboard form factors are right for you.

Yahoo!, AOL, OneSearch search results biased in favor of parent company Verizon Media’s own brands and websites.

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It's only cloud if it's hosted in Claudeaux region of France, otherwise, it's just someone's else computer.
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