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New Unicode 13-compatible font lets you use the new 🅭Creative Commons license symbols today on your PC and website.
Font license: 🅮 public domain.

@Jami hi, the stable repo for :fedora: Fedora serves nightly builds instead of stable release builds.

Are full-size keyboards too wide for you? Here's how to determine what keyboard form factors are right for you.

Yahoo!, AOL, OneSearch search results biased in favor of parent company Verizon Media’s own brands and websites.

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It's only cloud if it's hosted in Claudeaux region of France, otherwise, it's just someone's else computer.

I hate dealing with US companies. More people in the world use little-endian dates (DD.MM.YYYY) than middle-endian (MM.DD.YY[YY]) formats. Yet, US companies just can’t comprehend anything but the US locale. The universal migration to ISO 8601/big-endian (YYYY-MM-DD) can’t happen fast enough!

"The government is supposed to use antitrust law to ensure competition and stop companies from becoming so big they push everyone else out. Basically, antitrust is supposed to prevent anti-competitive monopolies. In the US in recent decades, regulators, enforcers, and the courts have taken a more lax attitude toward antitrust, which has resulted in more mergers, or companies growing to the point that it’s hard for rivals to stay in the game."

Learn how to use systemd security directives to limit a compromised service’s system access. 🔐

Emoji IT security news:

How is Siri on still unable to alert me after a set number of minutes? I believe I remember that both Amazon and Google have published research suggesting this is literally the only thing everyone does with their tin-can lady-boxes.

@Tutanota has your service received any indications from Roskomnadzor regarding service blocking in Russia? Your competitors have been blocked or are blogging about or fighting the blocking. However, I couldn’t find any communications from Tutanota on the issue.

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