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Should I missclick on Google reCAPTCHA challenges from time to time to appear more human?

I depend on medications only produced in Britain. (Used for at least three millennia but only one modern day manufacturer.) It’s frustrating to watch the confusion, chaos, and madness from the outside. What would progress even look like at this point?

Use a random search provider every time you search with RandSearch. Get different perspectives, ideas, and results.

Want to in 2020? Don't replace Google Search with another exclusive search provider relationship. RandSearch forwards your browser search queries to a randomly selected general-purpose search provider.

Get different perspectives, ideas, and results! Promote more competition in the search market.

Firefox extension:

or OpenSearch (other browsers):

Everything happens client-side. Search queries are not sent to my server. Feedback?

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Are you an @apple iPhone user? Did you know there’s an IDFA, or “identifier for advertisers,” tracking your app activity and sending it to third-parties by default? 😱

More than half of iPhone users don't, according to a Mozilla-Ipsos poll: tweeted by @mozilla

Writing code examples suitable for narrow screens (mobiles) is a seriously under-appreciated art form. With a good font size, you’re constrained to line-lengths of 38 characters or less.

Break up the YouTube Premium bundle, lower the price, and give me an ad-free only option.

Whenever a service promises “military-grade encryption”, just close the tab. It’s a meaningless phrase that is only used by services selling snake-oil.

Why I developed my own email newsletter system instead of using MailChimp or options like phpList.

Opera Unite tried decentralizing the web 10 years ago with a virtual fridge, file sharing, and other self-hosted webapps.

How to use AddToAny as a fallback for the native Web Share API while preserving privacy-by-default.

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If you liked that commit don't forget to merge in that PR and smash that follow button!

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