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Writing code examples suitable for narrow screens (mobiles) is a seriously under-appreciated art form. With a good font size, you’re constrained to line-lengths of 38 characters or less.

Break up the YouTube Premium bundle, lower the price, and give me an ad-free only option.

Whenever a service promises “military-grade encryption”, just close the tab. It’s a meaningless phrase that is only used by services selling snake-oil.

Why I developed my own email newsletter system instead of using MailChimp or options like phpList.

Opera Unite tried decentralizing the web 10 years ago with a virtual fridge, file sharing, and other self-hosted webapps.

How to use AddToAny as a fallback for the native Web Share API while preserving privacy-by-default.

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If you liked that commit don't forget to merge in that PR and smash that follow button!

What should you <link rel=dns-prefetch> and when to use preconnect instead. Also, Firefox doesn’t support this performance optimization on HTTPS websites. 20% of HTTPS websites deploy it, though.

All the spam I’ve received in the last few days starts off with “Dear patrons”. I guess SpamAssasin and its cousins have been trained on that as a particularly non-spammy greeting.

Is it just me or does “The Unicode Consortium” sound like an evil and oppressive organization from a sci-fi novel? I’m all for their work, but they sound hella evil for being the group in charge of standardizing what (the characters, glyphs, and symbols) we communicate.

Russia internet: Law introducing new censorship controls comes into force.

I can’t decide if I should set my pretty face as the profile photo here or not.

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