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The build system says a file doesn’t exist (it does), but it is well-behaved and never complains when observed with strace or inotifywatch).

Don’t you just love wasting a whole day chasing a ?

The open-source Joplin note-taking app is good on desktop but fails to impress on Android.

Immediately close the tab if you click on a link and it starts loading a page from Blogspot even you didn’t expect that. Seen a lot of scams abuse Blogspot blogs to capture your browser in the last few weeks.

Optimize your HTML <head> metadata for better GZIP compression-rates (exploiting this one weird bit-reduction efficiency trick).

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I wrote a summary of where we're at in achieving browser-to-browser communication with IPFS.

Slow but steady progress towards true user agency.
We're making significant progress on a distributed web...

Putting you in control of your online experience by integrating IPFS into web browsers.

Standard Notes, the tool I chose to replace Simplenote, is having the same problem as Simplenote. It keeps deleting my damned notes!

How to detect hen your pages are being machine-translated with browser-based or web-proxy-based services like Bing, Google , Naver and, and Yandex. For measuring how [potentially poor] translations impacts your site’s performance.

In a parallel universe, “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats” have topped the Billboard 100 list for a tenth week with their hit song “Presidential Conduct”. Show me your best album art!

Mitigate “tabnabbing” (security issue) without breaking features (Chrome bug).

Semantic markup like <code>, <kbd>, and <samp> can improve the quality of machine-translated technical texts. 📄

What little is left of the open web is going away fast. YouTube shuts down its TV-optimized web-portal to "unauthorized devices". HTPC users gets the middle finger,

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@sam so any chance you can tell me what Cliqz's definition of "fair ads" is? All the details I can find are the UI labels for turning it on and off.

Are there any services left that given a webpage/article can recommend related articles from across the web?

❤️ “[As a response to your report] we confirmed mass distribution of Spam mail, so we stopped delivery of Spam mail and contacted the operator.” It feels good to take down spammers. Submit your spam samples to today!

How Coil’s micro-payment service and the Web Monetization API works compared to Flattr. 💰

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