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In a parallel universe, “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats” have topped the Billboard 100 list for a tenth week with their hit song “Presidential Conduct”. Show me your best album art!

Mitigate “tabnabbing” (security issue) without breaking features (Chrome bug).

Semantic markup like <code>, <kbd>, and <samp> can improve the quality of machine-translated technical texts. 📄

What little is left of the open web is going away fast. YouTube shuts down its TV-optimized web-portal to "unauthorized devices". HTPC users gets the middle finger,

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@sam so any chance you can tell me what Cliqz's definition of "fair ads" is? All the details I can find are the UI labels for turning it on and off.

Are there any services left that given a webpage/article can recommend related articles from across the web?

❤️ “[As a response to your report] we confirmed mass distribution of Spam mail, so we stopped delivery of Spam mail and contacted the operator.” It feels good to take down spammers. Submit your spam samples to today!

How Coil’s micro-payment service and the Web Monetization API works compared to Flattr. 💰

"We value your privacy. That's why we're asking permission to tell hundreds of companies about your visit to our website. We may have opted you in and have already shared this data (a GDPR violation) or have made this dialog so confusion you'll have no idea what your choices are (also a violation)." Remember, the GDPR requires these prompts to be easy to understand and not disruptive.

Normalize fridge temperatures (and save on electricity) by installing a left-over PC fan.

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"You’ve to enable third-party cookies in your browser for Scroll to do its thing." from @da

Interestingly, Scroll contacted us at Ghostery during their beta phase as our cookie blocking was preventing the subscription detection. I suggested a few ways they could implement the service without having to track all non-scroll users too, including a per-site login button, but unfortunately they didn't take up the offer... stick your RSS as a sitemap in /robots.txt too. Robots like delta-sitemaps just as much as full sitemaps.

macOS Catalina beta is the first time in yeeeears that I’ve had a tons of problem with just regular file management in Finder. Betas in previous years have only had minor issues in these areas. There are just so many basic operations that don’t work properly.

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What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:

#noamp #nogoogle [3/3]

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What are the laws around discount marketing in the US? Can you really market a service as being “X% off” all the time and never charge the supposed full price?

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