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What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:

#noamp #nogoogle [3/3]

What are the laws around discount marketing in the US? Can you really market a service as being “X% off” all the time and never charge the supposed full price?

Making code examples fit and remain readable on small and large screens is an under-appreciated art form.

Tutorial: Testing whether your Bluetooth peripherals support BLE Privacy (randomized broadcast addresses).

PC components generally don’t degrade over time, so what caused my 7-year old 1st-gen. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Windows 10 to become unbearably slow and crashy?

Real curious what is up with the multi-day Galileo outage. 🇪🇺🛰🗺

So what's happening with Galileo? EU's global navigation satellite system. It's been down for days.

Given a HTML list were the last element is a "show more" link, how do you set the tabfocus to the first newly inserted list element?

“Metadata is a love note to the future.”
― Jason Scott, Internet Archive

My replies often disappear after sending and then reappear five minutes later on both Twitter and Mastodon. Using web clients. (I realize they’re completely different but I have the same problem.) Any ideas what’s going on?

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I added apk download links to the Cliqz Concept Browser readme. Get yourself an android browser that can load dat:// URLs.

The Feitian MultiPass FIDO recall highlights the need to use multiple security keys from different vendors.

How quickly do Firefox derived browsers receive security updates? A quick case study of the recent two Firefox zero-days and Pale Moon, Cliqz, Tor Browser, and Waterfox.

@sam Does Cliqz not have an email address for reporting security issues? I can’t find one the website.

Semi-progressive JPEGs make a meaningful impact on perceived website loading performance. 🏎️

“It turns out, having the world’s biggest advertising company make the most popular Web browser was about as smart as letting kids run a candy shop.”

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